Happy New Year

OK…so it’s been more than a week…but that’s how it goes over the holiday season.  So much to do.  Places to go.  People to see.  And kids are home – hard to get a turn at the computer.  Sleep.  Yes, sleep, glorious sleep: such  a pleasure to get some!

So, I had my holiday meltdown – you know, the “Bah Humbugs” hit…but not for long.  Would not let them get the best of me.  Not worth ruining a beautiful time of the year.  The season does change as you grow from a child to an adult, but, somehow, if you hold onto the magic and the beauty – it makes it all very memorable and valuable.  Sure, there is stress – especially when you try to budget and are always counting every penny of every paycheck, then when you have to work on the holidays…but keep the faith and keep trying…There are angels (both in Heaven and here on  Earth) who will be with you and help you.  BELIEVE.  (I do.)

For once, I did not have a change purse full of pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters…often counted out and used to pay for a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk.  It is money.  No, during this season my change purse was empty.  Every time it got filled up, it was promptly emptied…the Salvation Army’s red kettle took all my change this holiday season.  Maybe not a fortune, but something…and it adds up.  It was (and is) something that I can do.

So, the shopping got done and the presents got wrapped…some before Christmas and some after.  We all got ready for Santa and enjoyed the last days of school and PREP.  Our family continued our tradition of being “untraditional”  for our Christmas  dinner: meatloaf, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, veggies, rolls and butter.  Christmas Eve was a big Chinese dinner with my hubby’s family and exchanging gifts; I had to work, so I got the left-overs.  Still good!

Very nice surprise on Christmas morning: all eight children were up and here early – to open the gifts before my hubby had to leave for work.  A house full of noise, laughter, and love – what more could a mother want?  It made my heart warm and put a smile on my face – for the whole day and longer!!!  Santa Claus did a pretty good job – did not hear any complaining or see any tears.  Yes!  Even the socks and underwear were appreciated;)

I put in four hours at work, then my dear hubby finished the shift (four more hours).  Dinner with the kids (most of them) and relax.  Merry Christmas!!!

Oh…REWIND…Jeremy celebrated his tenth birthday on December 22.  We had dinner and cake for him.  He got a few gifts and money – which every kid LOVES.  (And spends very quickly.)  I always wondered who would plan to have a baby around the holidays…OOPS!  But, then again, the baby really is in charge…Jeremy was due the first week of January.  So much for that.

Friday, December 23: BINGO!!!  John  and I planned and cooked a holiday buffet for all the bingo players and staff at the Woodlyn Fire Company.  Chris did a great job setting up for us – looked really nice.  Went well.  Baked ziti, meatballs, rolls, cheese, salad and dressing, beverages.  Dessert: homemade bread pudding and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, thanks to the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  HO HO HO!!!

The holiday break was truly that – a break.  Nice to get OUT of the every day routine,  And with the hubby’s work day beginning at noon – NO ALARMS in the morning! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Can you tell that we are not morning people?  Watch TV and movies, read, play games, bake, eat, eat some more, and a little more…I did not crochet as much as I would have liked to, but I enjoyed some other things instead.

Friday, December 30: Family get-together and pollyanna exchange.  AND – BEACH TIME!!!  Yes, no matter what the season of the year is, our family is a BEACH FAMILY…so we left a little early so that we could spend time on the beach before our family get-together.  Took pictures…a beautiful day: blue skies and the sun was shining.  A few wet feet…so it goes!   More laughter, eating, drinking, chatting, playing and singing…dinner, dessert, and coffee…Lovely day!  Pollyannas exchanged.  Probably the best gift: “Just Dance 3” (for the Wii game system) for Thomas…BOY!  Have we all had fun giving it a try – and it really does get the heart a-pumping!  It is a work-out!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Just a peaceful evening spent at home…LIKE.

Now, back to the routine and the alarms sounding in the morning.  Just keep the coffee brewing, please.  The tree is still up – I love to wait until after the Epiphany (“Little Christmas”) to take down the tree and all the decorations.  It gives credibility to being a procrastinator, in my opinion.

Looking forward to some clearance shopping once I can save some pennies…love browsing and digging through the holiday clearance racks.  Actually, love browsing and digging through ANY clearance racks.

Resolutions?  Usually not something I do.  But that makes up another blog.

Writing our books yet?  NO.  But we will…WE WILL!  (That’s a cheer for me and Meg.)

Time to embrace January 2012.  Cheers to everyone!!!

February 2012:  My 50th birthday.  Definitely another blog!


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Homemaker w/ 2 part-time positions outside of the home. Married over 25 years to the same guy:) Happy & proud parents - 8 children, ages 24 to 5. 7 sons, 1 daughter Like to be positive:) Enjoy crocheting. LOVE the beach!!!
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