Random Thoughts, That Bucket List, and Other Stuff…

  Maybe it’s the colder air and the windy days that have my mind feeling quite unconnected and lost at times, wandering along wavy paths, slowly coming back to the highway of everyday life.  And I think to myself, “SELF!  You should write some of these things down.”  Then, another thought, another chore to do, a person to pay attention to…no time to write or type.  (Ahhh, type…typing…typing class….wpm…words per minute…lugging that portable typewriter back & forth to college way back when: to TYPE all of my papers…times, they are a-changin’.)

     Wednesday is our community’s recycle day pick up…seems like the last 2 to 3 weeks, Wednesdays have been the windiest days of the weeks…so all of our good intentions to recycle – to save the Earth – are literally being blown away, as bottles and boxes drift along the curbs and streets…Is Mother Nature laughing at our feeble attempts to undo or make up for all the damage that we have done to our wonderful planet Earth?  Maybe…but I will continue to rinse out all of our milk and juice jugs and soda bottles, and keep all the cardboard packaging from our foods…and hope that they will make it to the recycling plant.  And become another bottle or package.  Or the cool looking yard furniture made from plastics.  Kermit, I do like being GREEN:)

     And, while I really like the K-cup coffee machine at work…isn’t it so very wasteful to throw out all those little plastic cups?  Has anyone out there found a “re-use” for them?  I am sure that they will…Remember those film cannisters? (For the 35mm film – yes, film – you used film in the camera!  Pre-digital age…)  People came up with clever “re-uses” for them…Where there’s a will, there’s a way, which means that there is an idea!

    The Bucket List…That Bucket List…does it come from the saying “Kick the bucket?”  And why does that mean die?  I don’t know.  Do I have one?  Not really.  Are there things that I would like to do and/or have?  Sure.  Right now, it’s really necessities that would make my life easier and more stable, more secure.  Our family could really use a second vehicle, and it remains on our “list.”  And we’d really like to stop renting a house and buy one – but that’s a long and hard process with a lousy credit record.  Living life and trying to save money is also a challenge.  One day…than maybe we could consider becoming foster parents…at the very least, I could think about babysitting again, which I love to do:)  Have my own preschool class:)

     My hubby would like to see all 5o states…I would like that, too.  Number 1 on my list: HAWAII.

    Family focus: I would LOVE to have my entire family – children, friends, and extended family & friends – go to Disney World together.  And over to EPCOT.  And Universal Studios.  And Nickelodeon.  And Sea World.  The kit and kaboodle.  That would be truly AWESOME!!!

     Little things: having a meal with family is fun…together – in the same room, at the same table…just makes a great connection…despite complaints and objections!  Had a nice meal with my 4 youngest children the other night at our kitchen table – which is small and well used, and often covered with school papers, coupons, recipe books, cookies, snacks, etc…Even if only a few minutes, we sat there, shared some thoughts, conversation, and laughs – and I think that we managed not to spill anything;)  It made me feel good for the rest of the evening – my hubby could even “feel” my happiness over the phone when he called. 

     My mind is not sure where to go right now…SNOW…in the forecast for tonight…or sleet and freezing rain?  I will have to get an update.  What exactly is the difference between hail, sleet, and freezing rain?  SLEEP…Yes!  I can sleep in tomorrow morning…ahhhh….let it snow;)

     Hibernation = contentment.  The bears have it right.  They really do.  And I find that I do not mind staying in (at home) during the winter months.  Especially when I can crochet.  Get my housework done, let go of the never-ending “TO DO” list…sit down, relax, crochet.  My hibernation.  Even the kids seem more contented in the warmth of our house than running around outside or searching  for friends.  We’ve been catching up on cable TV shows, movies, etc.  It’s nice.  (But come summer – don’t look for us at home!  We’re hardly ever there!)

     Betty White is 90 years old – as of January 17.  God love her!  She wants to meet Robert Redford…don’t you think the guy would take a little time and meet her?  She’s publicly announced it over the years several times…c’mon, Bob, wake up and give her a simple joy in life!!!  (He’s one of my favorites, too.  My brother likes to tease me – “Oh, he’s just a short guy with no talent.”)

     Alan Alda…always have pictured him a s a great father. Strong yet sensitive.  Funny yet wise.  Probably what my father was like…my father died when I was 2.  Yes, I would like to meet Alan Alda.

      And life goes on.

      And I am still one of the unconnected ones: no cell phone.  Makes a good topic for another blog…

      Choo-choo…there goes my train of thought…until another day…Have a Good One:)


About crazy8mommaagain

Homemaker w/ 2 part-time positions outside of the home. Married over 25 years to the same guy:) Happy & proud parents - 8 children, ages 24 to 5. 7 sons, 1 daughter Like to be positive:) Enjoy crocheting. LOVE the beach!!!
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