Rome wasn’t built in a day!

    So much for keeping up with blogging on a weekly basis, even a monthly basis…daily?  In what century?   (Yes, I know: I am undisciplined.)

     Anyway…got the full-time position that I had previously tried for, but was passed over…so life’s going to change for me and the entire family.  But not overnight.  I have not even started on my assigned shift/platoon yet…and already I have been flooded with questions and advice…and I do appreciate it, but please give me – and us – some time to make the adjustments.  Thanks so much!

     Do the kids have a chore chart ready? Not yet…yes, they will have to accept MORE responsibilities…but that won’t work until they accept the ones that they already had – but never bother to complete on a regular basis.  (So who did the chores?  Yes, dear old mom…hey, I put the recyclables at the curb this morning for pick up after completing my 10 hr shift at work…Shall I use the kids’ line – “But it’s not my job!”)  Yes, it’s my fault…because arguing and nagging with the kids usually takes way longer than the time it takes to do the actual chore…and I am all for getting things done & not wasting time…get it?  Although it does bother me – and it is sexist – but with all the “men” in my house – I still end up taking out the trash!  And the neighbors have commented on it…oh, well…My kitchen could be completely filled with trash & recyclables…the kids would climb over to get to the bathroom and to the fridges…yes, we have 2 fridges…and the dog would continue his daily feast from the trash…cuz mom will eventually clean it all up and then mop the floor and yell for a good five minutes and then say a few prayers to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

     Have I adjusted to the night shift and sleeping?  NO…that till take TIME…the human body needs 4 to 6 weeks to accept change, and I think it’s even longer the older we get!  Week 1:  I worked 5 8 hour shifts (11p-7am) and also put in 5 days as a substitute teacher, approximately 25-30 hrs…I had to leave a little early one day…I was a ZOMBIE by Friday afternoon…went to bed at 6pm…got up at 10am on Saturday…TIRED!!!  Week 2:  3 10 hr shifts (overnights) and 2 5 hr shifts (evenings) for my 40 hrs.  Not as bad…one half day as a sub…Week 3 begins on Sunday March 11…should get on my 4 10 hr shifts per week, with alternating day shift on Fridays…then we shall see how life goes…so please get back to me later.

     Plans?  Will finish the school year out as a sub…won’t be too many days…the school year is quickly passing by!  Being successful as a full-time employee is the goal.  Working on a budget with the hubby: we are both employed full-time…WOW!  Making family time fit in:)  Making the kids accept more active roles in the functioning of our household.  (Now that’s a CHALLENGE!!!)

    Continue volunteering as a religion teacher.  Confirmation went very well on Monday March 5.  Enjoyed meeting the bishop.

     Continue “hooking.”  Crocheting is my therapy…so I will also continue shopping on-line with Goodwill.  🙂

     EXPECTATIONS:  Must set them up for myself and my children.  And stick to them.  Of others?  Give me some time…Rome wasn’t built in a day!



About crazy8mommaagain

Homemaker w/ 2 part-time positions outside of the home. Married over 25 years to the same guy:) Happy & proud parents - 8 children, ages 24 to 5. 7 sons, 1 daughter Like to be positive:) Enjoy crocheting. LOVE the beach!!!
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