A play on words!  Just finished the arduous task of TRYING to remove bamboo from our side yard…really big, strong bamboo – big as the houses and trees in the neighborhood…not the small stems now sold in stores for good luck…believe me, our bamboo is not full of good luck!  It’s full of strong big roots that are really hard to remove…and bamboos shoots continuing to come up all spring and summer!  The bamboo is bamboozling us, that’s for sure!

     Began the task back in the fall…but the boys got sidetracked and started to make a fort.

     A couple weeks ago the weather turned nice and our neighbor and his live-in friend/roommate (yes, I am trying to be polite and politically correct) started to clean up the side yard.  And made a large pile of bamboo – after cutting even more down.  They spent several more hours another day getting it ready for the trash…and the trash persosn left a note that it has to be bundled…but they did take what was at the curb.

    So, yesterday was beautiful, and I had time, and I really want to use our side yard…for playtime and barbecues, and relaxing, and all that good stuff.  My muscles weren’t too happy with me last night.  John gave me an Alleve (or is it Aleve?): thanks, honey!  The hubby and one of my sons did come to my aid, praise be.  We have most of it all bagged or bundled and tied.  We have a large load…if the trash persons won’t take it, I will worry then…there’s still plenty of bamboo growing…it’s in 3 or 4 yards along the fence line…it’s tough stuff!

     But now I can focus on our small patch of outdoors…as can our neighbor…told my hubby that he wants to grow tomatoes and peppers…he used to grow tomatoes when we first moved in, but then stopped.  My son asked me if I was going to plant grass seed or buy sod….hmmmm…NO…too many people and animals…no chance…it will be mulch. There is some ivy creeping over from the neighbor’s yard…I LOVE ivy! (My hubby doesn’t.  Why do I?  Not sure…partly childhood memories?  It was out front in the first house I lived in…I like the greens and the shapes of the leaves.  And it survives.)  But I don’t think it will cover our entire side yard…that will take years, I think. Going to look for some picnic tables/benches.  Fill up the sandbox…do you think a 6 (almost 7 year old) will still enjoy a sandbox?  I do.  (Then again, it’s hard watching my baby grow up…but that would fill a whole blog.)

    Planning on a flower garden out front, and another tree, and putting some stones in where we walk from the driveway to the steps…it’s only a few feet, but right now, it’s all dirt, which means it’s mud come the rainy days…looking for another tree, too…and then some chairs, etc…only 4 (pretty pathetic) white plastic chairs left…and a new small flagholder and decorative flags (means a trip to Booth’s Corner).  Hubby was checking out the BBQ grilles at Kmart yesterday…I saw that look in his eyes, that glimmer…but I don’t think we need a new grille, do we?  (And is it grill or grille?  OK…I will get the dictionary out…in a minute…oh, yes, I still use that book…can you believe it?  Dare I admit that I don’t know how to use spell check?  In our house, Meg and I usually ARE spell check;))

      So, HAPPY SPRING!!!  Just whatever you do, don’t bring me any bamboo…I have had enough!  I have been bamboozled!!!


About crazy8mommaagain

Homemaker w/ 2 part-time positions outside of the home. Married over 25 years to the same guy:) Happy & proud parents - 8 children, ages 24 to 5. 7 sons, 1 daughter Like to be positive:) Enjoy crocheting. LOVE the beach!!!
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One Response to Bamboozled!!!

  1. Rita says:

    The funny thing is when I came to visit you I was surprised that Bamboo would grow in Pa.–it grows easily in Fl. Try calling a few of your tree services and see how much it would cost to cut down or remove the bamboo. They usually have a chipper too so you don’t have to deal with removal of debris. Once you get it cut down then you can take a chain saw to the root system. Hope this helps–good luck Rita

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