I get tired…and THEN…

Well, it looks like I got tired of blogging…have not done any since March!  WOW!!!  I am thinking about setting up deadlines for myself – so I will continue to blog on a daily basis…by making each day have a theme or an idea & writing something.  So, let’s see what happens…

I have found that it is good to be positive…but, I do get tired, and have my moments (OK, sometimes more than just moments) and am negative…or, at least, grumpy.  Hormones.  Husband.  Kids.  Chores.  Work.  ‘Nuff said.

I just need to vent a bit…and then all is fine.  So, here’s a blog.  You don’t have to read it.

I get tired of having one vehicle…because it’s my “freedom” that is limited.  Yes, I do walk…but you cannot walk everywhere.  (Well, you could, but there are time limitations to things…)  I do appreciate the help from my son – and how “redneck” I look driving his pick-up truck.  But let’s not mention the bumper sticker…made quite an interesting lunch hour in the faculty room one day!  Of course, I also get tired of car payments…not quite a year and then the mini-van will officially be ours.  We need a reliable used vehicle…and I can probably buy a bridge to go with it, right?  HA HA!

I get tired of always picking up and cleaning up…and trash…and dishes…and nagging…Laundry does not bother me AS LONG AS dirty piles are not all over the floor AND the clean folded piles are put away (neatly?)…and don’t ask me at 11pm to do a load or 2 when you’ve sat around all day long – and could have asked earlier OR done it yourself.  Then again, I guess I live in a house that is lived in – a home.  No fancy magazine pictures or white glove inspections.  Just push the cat or dog off the chair or sofa and have a seat:)

I get tired of lugging the vacuum all over…if everyone pitched in (it’s an easy chore), I would not get tired.

I really don’t mind taking care of the cat and dog – they depend on us…they need food and water.  The dog needs his walks.  But, I know how to be responsible…have to make my offspring learn a lesson or 2 or 3.  One son has a snake – he DEFINITELY cares for THAT!  (I will drive to the pet store to buy feeder mice.  EWWWW!)

I get tired of being the friend who is always there and is the shoulder to lean on and the ears that are open for listening…because it is rarely reciprocated.  So sorry if I hurt feelings…but that is truly the way it is.  BUT, I always will be THAT FRIEND – because that is the person that I AM.  Period.  So I carry my problems on my own shoulders – with my hubby.

I get tired of making all the plans or coming up with the ideas for get-togethers…but, if I don’t or my hubby doesn’t, no one else will…sad, but true…Cannot even remember a recent time when a friend invited us to a BBQ or Applebee’s or a neighborhood place to just “hang” and catch up with each other!  BUT…now my older boys are enjoying Sunday BBQs together – so we have them!!!  Boy, can we laugh!!!  And we do have friends who have an annual pool party – we can always count on them and that date:)   (NOTE:  Life is too short not to make time for your family and friends.  Just sayin.’)  (Ironic…as I write this, America’s song “Sister Golden Hair” is playing – that’s a nickname one of my dearest friends of all time called me…and he went to heaven way too soon…tears still fill my eyes whenever I think of him…God Bless.)

Family?  Well, let’s not go there…that makes me tired, too.  At least my hubby, me, & our brood of 8 children make a nice crowd:)  (One sentence:  I will say that we are lucky enough to have some of the best COUSINS ever!!!)

I get tired thinking and worrying about my mother…and upset that I cannot see her enough…goes back to the vehicle issue.  Keep praying.

I do get tired from work – but because it’s night shift.  I am blessed – it’s a good job with good pay, and it is not hard…and I will continue to learn and take training as it comes.  With the way things are, being employed is a blessing…too many people have no work.  I love those moments when I am trying to sleep or already napping and one of my kids (there’s no age limit) crawls into the bed with me…and sometimes it will be several kids…(and maybe the cat & dog, too)…LOVE!!!

I get tired of the every day things – as we all do.   Kids squabbling with each other…bills to pay…telemarketers calling – and bill collectors, too… and cantankerous neighbors.

I am very tired of my mouth – no smile at all…but my anxiety overtakes me…I freeze even thinking about calling a dental office…and I NEED to have dentures by August – I have something that may add to my load, but will be a DREAM COME TRUE for me!  Pray.

I DON’T get tired of going to the pool…I like to swim and play in the water…I like to see family and friends…and I LOVE the snack bar – Kyle’s Kitchen.

I DON’T get tired of crocheting…and shopping for yarn:)  That’s my therapy:)  (I have 4 projects “in the works” right now.)

I DON’T get tired of taking pictures…capturing the memories of our lives…good, bad, silly, sad…

I DON’T get tired of favorite old movies, TV shows, and songs….children’s books that I have read a hundred times.   (“Sweet Caroline” is playing…how can you NOT sing along?)

I DON’T get tired of ice cream.   Or coffee.  OHHH…coffee ice cream!  Chocolate:)

I DON’T get tired of holding my hubby’s hand…EVER….

I WAS tired when I was pregnant – BUT – I never tired of the miracle of pregnancy and birth…and the joyous, wondrous, marvelous FIRST YEAR…”the precious touch of a little child.”

I do get tired of men’s/women’s hassles and restrictions when it comes to religion and churches…but I never get tired of GOD…for God is truly great!!!



About crazy8mommaagain

Homemaker w/ 2 part-time positions outside of the home. Married over 25 years to the same guy:) Happy & proud parents - 8 children, ages 24 to 5. 7 sons, 1 daughter Like to be positive:) Enjoy crocheting. LOVE the beach!!!
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One Response to I get tired…and THEN…

  1. Peggy Zaff says:

    Some frustrating issues for sure…but sounds pretty common– and most likely solvable … car issues are a pain but you have the van and with the new opportunity at work nothing is impossible. Chin up and carpe diem with all of your blessings!!

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